Hest Tech

Hest is a server based system. They are based out of Texas and have been for a number of years. We believed their experience was going to be a real asset and we were excited about trying them.

The graphics for the games appeared to be above average for sweepstakes games but certainly not on the level of Vegas. And while we want our games to look great - it is certainly more important that they run great. So, we were willing to give them a chance.

As we were working through the process of figuring out costs for starting with Hest we were told that each machine would need to be flashed and that the cost would be in the $150 - 200 range. We could also pay to have one of their techs come out and set up the machines. Again, at a price. We would also have to purchase a POS for around $2000. I would say out of the 4 companies we've been with Hest is the most expensive to get up and running. If money isn't an option then I think Hest should be a contender but I wouldn't choose them over Sweepstopia, for example.

The other things we heard before starting with them from a few people that had left them was that they are pretty sore loosers in the sense that if you pull out or want to change companies they can be overly dramatic about it. Someone we know had Cat 5 wires taken from their location alhtough they weren't Hests to take. We didn't have a real negative experience in leaving them.

Onto the games themselves. At the time we used them I believe they had 17 games. Most of them were slot oriented games = multi and single line slot games. They didn't have card games at all. This ended up being a real negative from the customer perspective as our customers wanted similar games to the ones they had seen at other locations. They do have a progressive which was good. Like I mentioned previously I think their graphics are in the top couple of manufactureres. Probably in the top 3 with Sweepstopia.

I'm giving them a 3/4 because Hest was profressional and their experience shows through insome aspects of their business. The games are steady with not a lot of errors or issues. I took a star away for cost, setup time, and lack of variety of games.

To contact Hest - hesttech.com - 1-866-990-5941

Game Screenshots (Images taken from their site):